Haunted locations in the UK

Hoping for a haunting? Here are the top haunted spots to visit in the UK - with a guide to how you can search for the paranormal

Fancy yourself as a ghostbuster? Or reckon you’d be cool with Casper? After a spike in searches for haunted stays, we’ve decided to make planning trips in the hunt for the paranormal easier for you! We’ve created a map of the top 25 most haunted locations (with places to stay nearby) and tips on how to seek out supernatural experiences.

We’ve joined forces with the experienced Paranormal Research Investigators UK team to help create the map - using their insight and experiences along with readily available data - as well as the guide for seeking out the afterlife.

A poll of adults in the UK revealed that a third (33%) believed in the supernatural, with a fifth of respondents (21%) saying that they were undecided. Two-fifths (40%) of the respondents who were either believers or unsure stated that they have experienced something that they feel could have been paranormal.*

Tips when searching for paranormal activity

Nick Howe of Paranormal Research Investigators UK team has said that 5% of their research and experiences of paranormal events cannot be explained, which suggests that the supernatural does exist in some form.

He recommends these top tips when searching for paranormal activity:

  1. Research the locations you are visiting - you can find tons of information online. Search out places of interest such as historical sites and old pubs.
  2. Don't assume that ghostly activity is limited to night time. There are more daytime sightings than people would generally assume. In fact, fear of the dark can cause people to think they have spotted something when they haven’t.
  3. Not all ghostly encounters are visual. Be aware of perceived changes in the atmosphere. Things to be aware of are cold spots, unusual breezes or gusts of wind, smells, and feelings of static in the air.
  4. Have a notebook and pen handy to record what you find or better still, an audio recorder so you can keep an at the moment record of anything unusual. Take photos or videos as a visual reminder of your location and you may even capture something this way. We have recorded voices before.
  5. If you're with somebody or a group of people, ask them if they're experiencing anything unusual when you do. It's always best to have someone else validate your experiences rather than rely on self testimony.
  6. Use divining rods or a pendulum with a crystal to locate ghostly presences or ley lines - people have claimed these to be very effective.

Top 25 haunted locations featured in the interactive map

1. Pluckley, Kent
2. Blickling Hall, Norwich, Norfolk
3. Pendle Hill, Lancashire
4. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire
5. Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon
6. Buckland Abbey, Plymouth
7. Corfe Castle, Dorset
8. Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk
9. Chillingham Castle, Northumberland
10. Treasurer's House, York
11. Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh
12. Fyvie Castle, Turriff, Aberdeenshire
13. Margam Country Park, Neath Port Talbot
14. Lissan House, Omagh
15. Newton House, Carmarthenshire
16. Dunster Castle, Somerset
17. Springhill House, Londonderry
18. Samlesbury Hall, Preston, Lancashire
19. St Briavels Castle, St Briavels, Gloucestershire
20. Plas Mawr, Conwy, North Wales
21. Hampton Court, London
22. The Gaol, Friar Gate, Derby
23. Avebury Stones, Wiltshire
24. Rievaulx Abbey, Helmsley, Yorkshire
25. A15 between Lincoln and Sleaford

Matthew Fox of Remote Cottages, said,

“It has been a very unusual 18 months in terms of travel, so it’s no wonder people are starting to thrill seek with the idea of staying in a haunted property. We hope that we can help those looking for an unusual and unforgettable experience, and that visitors of these locations find what they’re looking for.

“It’s been great to collaborate with the experienced Paranormal Research Investigators UK team to come up with our most haunted locations and guide hopeful ghost hunters to find supernatural activity. So, if you have a penchant for the paranormal, then look no further than our map and guide to have the most haunting Halloween yet!”

Nick Howe of Paranormal Research Investigators UK, said,
“Our team has been searching for proof of the paranormal for the past four years. We have all experienced unexplained situations when visiting locations as part of our research or for private investigations, such as reports of poltergeist activity at domestic properties.

“Although supernatural experiences can take place at any location it’s worth starting somewhere with a track record of such events. The haunted locations map and our tips are a good place to begin for any keen ghost hunters who are looking to make contact with the afterlife.”